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This nonhormonal pill, derived from the plant Justicia gendarussa, could be the first new male contraceptive pill. ... August 2013 Antara News story on Gandarusa: ...

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New information on Gandarusa Clinical trials on Gandarusa have just been completed, and it is moving toward production and distribution in Indonesia.

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Prospective male contraceptives include gendarussa, eppin, vassalgel, ... Gendarussa (sometimes spelled gandarusa) is an herbal male contraceptive.

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Tuhod-manok, Justicia gendarussa, Gandarusa: Philippine Medicinal Plants - An illustrated compilation of Philippine medicinal plants by Dr Godofredo Stuart

Justicia gendarussa - Gandarusa

Gandarusa is an erect, branched, smooth undershrub 0.8-1.5 m tall. The leaves are lance-shaped, 7-14 cm long, 1-2.5 cm wide, and pointed at the ends.

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Indonesian researchers began looking into the properties of gandarusa in the 1980s and conducted animal and human trials through the 1990s.

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External links. Media related to Justicia gendarussa at Wikimedia Commons; Australian Plant Names Index; Male Contraception Initiative article on gendarussa

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...obat herbal gandarusa Manfaat Tanaman Gandarusa dan khasiat Gandarusa– Berikut ini adalah klasifikasi Gandarusa, ciri ciri Gandarusa, dan kandungan Gandarusa Klasifikasi Tanaman Gandarusa Nama latin Gandarusa dan Nama ilmiah Gandarusa : Justicia gendarussa Burm. f. Nama umum Indonesia: Gandarusa Pilipina: Tuhod manok Cina: jian wei feng Klasifikasi Tumbuhan Gandarusa Kingdom: Plantae (Tumbuhan) Subkingdom: Tracheobionta (Tumbuhan berpembuluh) Super Divisi: Spermatophyta...